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The humour is just freaking delightful! Fun game to play

Woulda won on round 10 but then one of the bush guys decides to glitch and run straight through the middle of all my towers

How about a counter somewhere to show how far you've gone?

Very useful. There's a few things here that I didn't know. Just small little things that seem to make quite a difference.
Also ... song number eight. Defcon Zero by ParagonX9
I believe I've heard it in another flash before. If anyone knows which one, please PM me as to what it is. Maybe my brain is tricking me but I swear I recognize it from somewhere else.

And here's the second one. I remember it being a lot more difficult back when it came out. But I was only in middle school then.
Huge improvement from an already cool game. I love how you could fight with your troops in this one, because I remember years ago when I played the first game, that was something that irked me a little. So good call on adding that into this one.
Graphics are mostly the same, which I wouldn't consider a bad thing. The voice recording was better this time around also.
I love the story, I really do. It's cool how near the end when Pitt opens up to Vern, things wrap up and you see how the first game fits in with the story. This was very well done.

Games of Gondor. That was Armor Games old name wasn't it? I played this years ago. This and Prince of War are both very great games

This game is great. I started on normal and was like "oh this is easy. How much harder can normal be?" and then I start and it's like woooooaaaaattttt??
Great game. Made it to just under the 15000 score.

I love how people are rating this game just because it's hard. The entire point of this series was for it to be difficult as ever loving hell. It's the kind of game where you have to play a lot of levels multiple times. Video games these days are way too easy and peoples expectations of easy difficulty have grown far too high.
This game is great. I played it the year it came out, and I beat it. I was in the fourth grade mind you. I'm not bragging, just proving that it can be done if you play it properly and patiently.

Haven't played this series in years!!

Great series. I completely did not see the part with the car coming. I'm not sure how you might do it, but maybe a fourth one? Maybe both the girls actually find someone or something? I don't know, but this was really interesting to play. Thanks for a great twenty minutes not wasted!! :D

Durga. I've been drumming on and off for years. I like most music, but I'm a metal head! Love video games and anime. I'm not the best artist but I like to mess around a bit. They don't think it be like it is, but it do.

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