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I commented on your Toad picture to say it reminded me of Morrowind, but it auto corrected to Morrison :P
This one though makes me think of something like Pixar

Reminds me of Morrisons somehow.
Love your style!!

Blood sucker? More like flesh cleaver, this is great. I love the dark colour scheme. Eyes and teeth show up best in the darkness

DeadlySunshine responds:

Thank you! This was the first time I experimented with light/darkness.

Not really my thing but it popped out to me as I was scrolling because of how well detailed and coloured it is, which are two things I love in pixel art

TaydoUltimate responds:

Thank you!

Interesting subject. I love space.

Positron832 responds:

Yes, it can be quite interesting..

Nice clean detail and colour. Good pixel art!

The tank men must have been here

Reminds me of something I might've watched as a kid.
The kind of movie that's for kids, but as a kid, you find the atmosphere to be eerie and creepy, even though your silly kid brain knows it's just a movie.
This takes me back.

I'm not sure how to review this. I like it but Im just kind of too busy looking at it to really form words about it.
So, nice stuff! Even if it is an older creation ;)

Sharp clean look, great colours, interesting but realistic details. This is one of my favourite kinds of pixel art!
Would love to see a little bit of background colour to balance out the whole thing, but the darkness contrasts the piece quite well overall

DeadlySunshine responds:

Thank you!

Durga. I've been drumming on and off for years. I like most music, but I'm a metal head! Love video games and anime. I'm not the best artist but I like to mess around a bit. They don't think it be like it is, but it do.

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